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Hey Y'all,

Welcome to Trades of Brit – where soap and body care meet a whole lot of heart and passion. You might be wondering, "Why 'Trades of Brit'?" Well, let me introduce myself – I'm Brittny, and I've always been what some might call a "Jill of all Trades." Initially, I hesitated to fully embrace that title because it often comes with the addendum "master of none," and frankly, I wasn't keen on that idea. But hey, life's all about turning negatives into positives, right? So now, I proudly wear the badge of being a "Jill of all Trades" – and hey, when it comes to soap and body products, I'm definitely the master.

With a master's degree in chemistry and over a decade of experience tinkering with soap and formulating body products, you could say I've got a bit of a knack for this stuff. But life has its way of keeping us busy, and for the past five years, I've been juggling the roles of educator, wife, and mom to three tiny humans under three. It's been a whirlwind, to say the least, and for the longest time, I convinced myself that I didn't have the time or energy to turn my passion for soap-making into a full-fledged business. But you know what? Enough was enough. I finally took the plunge, deciding that now was the time to pursue what truly brings me joy – no more leaving things to chance.

So, what about you? What's your passion? What are you not willing to leave to chance?

Join me on this journey as we dive into all things Trades of Brit – sharing tips, tricks, information, positivity, and of course, some seriously good soap and body care products.

Until next time,


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