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About Us


Here is what our customers have to say.

This soap (For the Love of Oats) is great on skin tags. I had a couple on my face and they have either shrunk or are shrinking


I really love love the subtle smell of the soap. I have sensitive skin and LOVE that it leaves my skin soft without drying it out. I also LOVE that is prepares my skin for any lotion option to then add more moisture back in my skin. I am a black woman and sometimes soaps do not all moisture back in our skin and adds to its dryness even as a soap. This moisturizes, smells good, and is a great price!!!


The lavender calendula soap smells fantastic! It was wonderful as I opened the packaging. Shipping was right on time and the order was easy to place. After using the soap, I’m happy to report that it worked very well and left me feeling clean and smelling great!


I absolutely love how my skin feels after using this soap! My order also came quickly as well. I will definitely be ordering more soaps!

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The package arrived as expected and the packaging is beautiful. You could smell the soak though the box. The soak lathers well and again the smell is delightful!


I have a 12 year old son that loves unusual, homemade soap. Where some people are foodies, he's a soapy? Ok that's not really a word, but the kid has high standards in his soap expectations. He absolutely loves the Mint Charcoal all natural soap that he received from Trades of Brit. The scent is remarkable but not overwhelming. Shipping was very fast as well. We will be coming back for more!


Hands down the best soap I have ever used. My skin has never felt so soft. Will be ordering more!


The soaps came perfectly shipped in cute branded burlap bags. The soaps themselves are full, smell amazing and soothing to the skin. Fantastic product that shipped quickly and will be a regular rotation item for my skin needs.

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100% Cotton Bath Pouf

Trades of Brit

Trades of Brit goes back to the basics so we do not over complicate the ingredients in our products. We use plant based ingredients, such as calendula, that has been known for centuries to heal the skin to provide some relief from eczema or diaper rash.