Welcome to Trades of Brit

Welcome Y'all, 

We are so excited you decided to stop by and see what going on at Trades of Brit. We are a soap and body company. You may have wondered why would I call a soap and body company Trades of Brit? Good question; my name is Brittny and I am a "Jill of all Trades." It took a long time for me to accept that complement from people because usually "master of none" comes after, and I was not found of that saying. However, sometimes you have to turn a negative into a positive and now I know that I can be a "Jill of all Trades" and a master of soap and body products.

I have a masters degree in chemistry and I have been making soap and formulating body products for over ten years off and on, I've been an educator for the past five years, I am a wife and a mother of three tiny humans under three. With all that on my plate, I convinced myself I never had enough time or energy to commit to making soap a business. Nonetheless, I finally went all in and decided this is the time, my time, to do what makes me happy and leave nothing to chance. 

What do you want to commit to? What are you not leaving to chance and going all in on?

Come and join me on this journey as share, tip, ticks, information, positivity and the many Trades of Brit!


It's been real,


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